Online talk with Natalia & Terry O’Sullivan on discovering our ancestors and healing the ancestral family connections

15th April 7-9 pm online £20 per person

A lecture to discover our ancestors and how we can heal the negative and embrace what is positive within our family tree. It is through our body that we remember our Ancestors. Ancestral memory is locked in our cells. We may never have known them but their story echoes through us long after they have gone.

Our ancestral history can cloud our personal awareness of our true self, shadows from childhood dictate our feelings and the way we think, just as our parents were clouded by their parents and so on.

We can trace our own negativity, creative blocks, depressions, lack of self-esteem and ill-health in the history of our family lineage. Did a grandparent die in war or in some other tragic way? Did your grandmother get pregnant out of wedlock and endure the shame of being ostracized by her family? Were your family forced into exile or broken by poverty?

Healing our ancestry is not just about healing what is negative also being inspired by our ancestry, by finding those in our family tree that support us and our children with the light of their wisdom and their pioneering and courageous lives.

with Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan, SATURDAY 15th MAY 10.30 am to 2.30 pm

Terry and Natalia will take you on a journey where you will meet your ancestors once more and find your way through the labyrinth of your own ancestral legacy. This is a journey into the future as well as the distant past, for as you explore your family tree, you begin to see yourself as just one strand in a never-ending tapestry of history and emotion, personality and achievement, tragedy and death, that will continue through your family into infinity.

Discovering the influences of our genetic memories, and exploring how these cultural, religious and historical backgrounds affect our personality. By exploring our family history, we can help understand and heal our own personal restrictions and behaviours connected with the negative influences and traumas passed down through our family. All of which can affect our relationships, physical and mental health, financial circumstances and even spiritual growth.

The workshop will commence with simple meditations and an introduction to our personal family tree. We will discover our personal biography – looking at our family tree and were within our family history there have been both benevolent and malevolent influences, and why.

Terry & Natalia’s workshops are designed to introduce people to the concept of communicating and connecting with our ancestors and to give ourselves back the power to influence our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

The Workshop Programme will include –

  • Discovering your ancestors
  • Learning about the disorders that run through your family tree
  • Healing and rituals to release ancestral shadows
  • Visualisation techniques and exercises to embrace the positive and creative aspects of our family


Weekly classes will be updated on a regular basis and the programmes are based on how to heal personal, emotional, and spiritual issues.

The Classes will offer opportunities to learn about:

  • Daily practices to help connect you to your spiritual powers that will open your mind and body to positive energies and attitudes.
  • Chakra system
  • Spirit bodies
  • The spirit world and how we can connect with our guiding ancestors and guides, to help us gain success, personal happiness, and support.
  • Past lives and karmic influences.
  • Meditations to develop our sense of well-being, mindfulness, and compassion.
  • Trusting and listening to your intuition to help understand any personal or relationship issues that need resolving.
  • How to work with various tools such as angel cards, goddess cards, oracle cards and tarot.
  • Working with ancestral energy to heal ancestral wounds and empower ourselves in the present.
  • Healing practices to help us release past emotional and mental challenges that need to be grieved.