We will start with the theme of the honouring of our ancestors as its All Souls Day on the 2nd of November.

The classes are 30 minutes each Monday at 6 pm and they are £5 each class or £25 for all of November classes.

There are three Monday classes in December which is £15 so if you want to you can pay for all the Monday classes which are £40. Thank you.

They are all recorded so you can attend live or receive the recorded class. Zoom register is required so please email us for the information.


We will be holding a live class on the 14th November at Jenner Hall on ancestral healing.

The online class is on the 7th of November.

Terry will be holding an advance SR class on the 28th November ( probably online ).

From the 4th November (Every Wednesday evening throughout November and December) – We will be running online Soul Rescuers classes to cover the SR course in bitesize lessons with power points to keep up the training and the work that we do in our practice. This is for all students old and new and those of you who wish to learn more about the work that we do in our practice with people, retreats, house healing and soul rescue. ) These will be for an hour and 30 minutes with a meditation – £20 per person per class. Payable weekly or monthly.

We will be conducting an online class for all our Soul Rescuers students and clients on the 7th November 10.30-2 pm focusing on ancestral healing as the month of November lends itself to the honouring, remembering and healing of our ancestral family.

On the 14th November, we will be conducting our first live SR class at Jenner Hall unless lockdown happens! this is for all our students and it will be again be leaning towards ancestral healing particularly to do with our father and mother relationships. We were going to conduct healing the mother line class so this is a preliminary workshop so we can then decide whether the time is right to run the healing the motherline in December or leave it until next year. Let me know what you think if you are interested in attending?


or call 07816 158255.



Online Classes


5 classes during September for our Mindful Monday Meditations – 6 pm for 30 minutes £5 each class or £20 for September.
These classes are all recorded and we send them on to you after class so you can attend live or not and you are able to repeat the meditations in your own time.
Let us know if you want to join us.

Celtic Shamanism Classes on Wednesday evening at 7 pm these are similar to the classes we held earlier in the year on the Chakra System and Shamanic Healing.
They are an hour with a PDF PowerPoint and recording.

These classes are now £15 each so for all four it is £60 payable in advance. Let us know if you would like to attend.

The first class is on the 23rd of September, 30th of September and 21st October and 28th October.

email: natalia.osullivan@btopenworld.com

Call: 01278 653142

18th November, 25th November and 2nd December 2020

A three-part psychic development and spirit bodies connection to develop your latent skills and spiritual talents you have and if you wish to add these skills to your practice as a holistic therapist or psychic practitioner.

£60 these will be an hour and a half as there will be time to do some live practice online.

For the Zoom registers please email us for further information


A monthly class to reflect on our aspirations and to heal personal, emotional and spiritual issues.
The Classes will offer opportunities to learn about:

  • Daily practices to help connect you to your spiritual powers that will open your mind and body to positive energies and attitudes
  • How we can connect with our guiding ancestors and guides, to help us gain success, personal happiness and support
  • Meditations to develop our sense of well-being, mindfulness and compassion
  • Trusting and listening to your intuition to help understand any personal or relationship issues that need resolving
  • How to work with various tools such as angel cards, goddess cards, oracle cards and tarot
  • Working with ancestral energy to heal ancestral wounds and empower ourselves in the present
  • Healing practices to help us release past emotional and mental challenges that need to be grieved








Held in Combwich, Somerset.
Fee:  £10 per person per class. payable by Cash or Cheque.
To book your place, please contact Natalia: Tel: 01278 653142.
Mob: 07816158255


2020 Classes to be resumed in the Autumn.


  • Psychic awareness and psychic practices
  • Sacred practices and meditation
  • Introduction to spiritual awareness and past life memories
  • Basic tarot and oracle card reading
  • Introduction to spiritual psychology and physical and spiritual anatomy
  • Introduction to the chakra system and spiritual energy system
  • Introduction to soul rescue work for healing, releasing energy, psychic disturbance and spiritual illnesses
  • Ancestral healing and communication
  • Crystal healing for healing, clearing and protection
  • Basic space clearing techniques and introduction to spirit release work


2020 – Workshop dates to be resumed from the Autumn.

Wednesday Classes – £30 per person Cash or cheque only
Saturday Classes – £75 per person Cash or cheque only

Venue:  Jenner Hall, 18 Jenner Place
(off Boileau Road),  Barnes,  SW13 9DB