Winter Solstice – Somerset
Friday – Sunday 18th – 20th December 2020

There is a special silence in winter. It echoes the season of peace and tranquillity. This retreat will offer you a time for peace and reflection. An ideal retreat if you want to relax, learn and embrace new inspiration before the end of the year.

Fee: £280.

Meditation Ritual:

The darkness descends upon the northern hemisphere. Light has dwindled memories of long summer days. There is nothing gone, we slip into slumber to be renewed. The awakening is the light hidden deep within ourselves, also deep within our soul. We retreat into our inner chamber as all in nature sets the example as we retreat into winter.

What is the inner self?

On one level it is our sunken childhood laughing at times, then again bathed in gloom, or sadness which, like strangling vine, climbs around our tree of life to ensure we are held back. This is the human condition, it affects us emotionally and in the way we think, it can sabotage our wondrous dreams.

 What is the inner self?

On a different level it is the doorway to pure spirit, our awakened self, which even in winter glows with radiance. That part of us which is our personal alchemy, our higher self, philosopher’s stone, our connection to that part of us that is with God. This is our soul.

Our journey is to investigate what is stopping us from entering the inner chamber into our gentle power out of which all things become manifest. To do this we have to ask ourselves some personal, pertinent questions.

On a human level:
  • What is my greatest fear?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What does it look like – is it solid or shadow?
  • Can I fathom it or is it too deep to see with clarity?
  • Was this fear put on me by someone else?

Light a candle on your altar and call upon the light to inspire and heal.