The Spring Equinox Retreat 20-22nd March 2020 in Somerset

This Celtic Festival celebrates the Celtic celebration of Ostara, which is the basis of our Easter celebrations, which reflects the birth of new beginnings. It is a time when light and dark are equal and heralds the beginning of spring.

Spring is a time to address the wounded creative and look into any aspects of ourselves which are affected by self-esteem, loss of faith and courage to step forward into new directions, relationships and spiritual growth.

During the retreat we will be looking at how we need to birth new ideas and directions, including seeking changes in our personal relationships, our professional life and our spirituality.

My interest in solitude and retreating in nature has been one of the main threads running through my life. A way to hide from being connected to others, to find that moment to retreat, to banish all the demands and chaotic rhythms that life throws us – a time to self-care – to nurture and quieten all those external demands, thus allowing space to contact, hear, and eventually transform your life by learning to live being true to yourself.

Each of us has a personal periodic, an internal tide, an instinctual cyclical rhythm that alternates between an accomplishing, energetic doing time – engaging with the world to being time; in which you detach from the world, stare out of the window at the rain, plant fat spring bulbs, and feed your imagination.

Getting to know this part of our being which is called ‘the natural self’ – the part that can look inside and think, feel and dream – then looking outside to see what others think, feel, and need and then bringing the two together to create and maintain healthy authentic relationships with others.

To make your own ritual there are some simple steps that you should take:

  • Find a sacred location
  • Making the location sacred
  • Meditation on your intention for the spring – connecting with new beginnings, facing your past and moving into your future
  • Reading out loud from a spiritual prayer, poetry or philosophical book – just open it on a page and recognise what the message is to you at this time
  • Write down what you hear from your inspiration
  • Listen to your body how is it responding to your intentions during your vision quest/retreat
  • What do you want to achieve for yourself
  • Achieve – physically, creatively, relationship wise, family, professionally, spiritually.
  • Say out loud a prayer or song to your God/Spirit to help you with your transformation – what inspiration can they bring to you – learn to listen – be peaceful-enjoy the solitude

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