The Autumn Equinox with Sacred Healers 17th – 19th September in Somerset

A full three-day retreat Friday to Sunday 10 am – 7 pm daily with a visit to Glastonbury and local sacred sites.

September is a beautiful month and highlights all the expressions of the beginning of autumn, an ideal time for exploring our heart desires, spiritual and creative ambitions and a gentle time for letting go. This retreat will give you time to create a personal ritual or rite of passage to celebrate the mystery and power of your hidden ambitions and desires. A time to let go as the season celebrates autumn.

The Autumn Equinox Retreat begins with a celebration of healing and ritual, vision quest and self- discovery without forgetting to take the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of Somerset. We will be visiting some of the ancient sites in and around the area as well as conducting the sacred healer programme of vision quests, meditations and healing.

Fee per person Β£320