This CELEBRATION retreat honours the power of the sun. The festival of light encourages us to celebrate our own light, with the light of the summer to bring forth everything that is hidden to blossom.

At this point in the Celtic wheel, light is triumphant, and the days have become longer than the nights. Summer pays homage to all new life, like the cultural festival of Midsummer; brings new growth bursting with life to demonstrate the exuberant power of light, creativity and purpose.

With the summer, we find the energy and freshness in ourselves to break through any darkness and creative inactivity, and we celebrate all the abundant evidence of life’s continuation with joy.
A retreat for new beginnings, rebirth and the finding our way forward towards our destiny for the future and to plant new seeds of hope, creativity and fertility.

The Retreats
Each retreat is kept small, to ensure a powerful, personal experience, this compelling work will provide many opportunities for personal healing and embark on vision questing and work with rituals. It will introduce sacredness as a way to rediscover a link between body and soul to gain a deeper understanding of a spiritual journey and destiny in this life.

Sacred Healers Retreats are there to introduce people to Shamanic Healing to encourage a harmony between mind, body and spirit. These unique and sacred retreats help release many of the stresses that build up due to our lifestyle, and professional demands which can cause imbalances in physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing which in turn creates problems in daily life. During the retreats we encourage a connection with nature and an understanding of intuitive skills which help in personal and professional lifestyles.

The weekend workshop will include discussion groups, meditations, healing, relaxation and a journey to nature sites.
All workshop material conceived and facilitated by Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan.


Fee:  £180 per person
Commences; Saturday 10am – 6.00pm
Sunday 10.00am – 5.00pm


This fee includes workshop materials, snacks, tea/coffee served throughout the workshops. 

All travel costs are extra.
To book please send a non-refundable deposit of £75 to
4 Brookside Road, Combwich, Somerset TA5 2QN.
Office: 01278 653142