Spirits appear as presences or paranormal manifestations as an ongoing companion or unseen as in dreams, meditations, in times of need and quiet times. Spirit beings can assist us to recognise and embrace our creativity, attract success and to find our spiritual qualities.

They are there for everyone and throughout the ages we have called them a variety of names from gods and goddesses of nature to guardian angels and ancestral spirits.

‘My ancestors and spirit guides make it crystal clear to me that they are ever by my side. They are always there to take me by the hand and lead me.’ Rhona Corbett an international business woman.

Every day you can ask them for advice and help with your day to day life. Also ask for their help and support when you are worried, ill or something has happened to someone you love. It is more powerful to connect with the divine source but when that appears too difficult for you to manage then your guide is like your connection to the divine or like a father or mother figure offering love, support and help.

‘In ancestral kinship, it is believed that the special and timeless knowledge of the old ones of the community lives on in their bones after death. The skull is thought to be the dome which houses a powerful remnant of the departed soul… one which, if asked, can call the entire spirit of the dead person back for a time in order to be consulted. It is easy to imagine that the soul-Self lives right in the bony cathedral of the forehead, with the eyes as windows, the mouth as door and ears as the winds.’   Clarissa Pinkola Estes from Women who Run with the Wolves.