Soul Rescuers online classes 11th and 25th July 10.30 to 2pm.

A two-part online class to train in tarot and oracle card reading skills.
The discovery of your inherited and newfound intuitive potentialities are part of the spiritual development within the training as Soul Rescuers.
The use of card readings has always been a part of the skills for the diagnosis and communications with Spirit, as they enhance your confidence in your intuitive and clairvoyant skills.
These two-part workshops programs will be set out so the first part is learning how to understand the archetypes and the meanings behind the cards. And the second part is the practical application. Each tarot and oracle packs are rooted in different traditions and learning how you relate to those symbols and deities is an important aspect of knowing what the cards mean, how they are read and laid out.
Please message me if you would like to receive further information.