‘What supports us in every life, is that at the beginning your ancestors were already ancient guardians to the sacred ways that you now seek to remember.’ Soul Rescuers

In shamanic practices ancestral allies and guides help guide both the living and the deceased. As we become more aware of our spiritual gifts we recognise that we are the mediator of our family heritage which comes with gifts of intuition and empathy, and as you become aware of the needs of your ancestral family, this enables you to connect to the seen, and the unseen worlds. Thus, becoming a walker between world.

When we need to heal the wounds of our ancestral heritage:

Our inheritance is the product of the predispositions of our genes, our cultural environment and the capacities and constraints of who we have been born through.  We inherit these elements and carry them like inherited shadows that the human body holds on to.  The hidden memories just like parts that make up the whole of who we are, the shadows hide in secrets places, in our bones, blood skin, all linked together in a subconscious landscape.

When we were young it was difficult to separate ourselves from those who care for us as we grow up, all that comes with that such as the demands made by our family because of the ancestral issues which have been inherited by each generation.  All inherited factors which are both learnt (nurture) and inherited (nature) are inside us.

Sometimes issues with our parents and family heritage remain as we become parents or carers ourselves and how to heal this is by cutting the ties that bind us to them and releasing past bonds, conditioning and beliefs that we have inherited from them and our cultural, religious and class systems that our family belong to.

We begin our ancestral healing not just for our parents and grandparents it is for those who will come after us and encouraging traditional spiritual practices that can be learnt and taught to our own families. To draw in a powerful connection with our ancient and wise ancestors. The benefits of these connections bring protection, guidance, wisdom, to support the descendants who are coming into our families and to help those who are dying and moving into spirit.

June 13th at 10.30-1.30/2pm

Discovering your ancestral lineage and learn how to conduct ancestral healing for yourself, your living and deceased family.

This class will encourage an investigation into the ancestors who were known to your grandparents or earlier generations.  What have you inherited from these people who died long before you were born?What do you know of them, how do they influence you?  Are they being helpful or contradictory for your personal ambitions?  Learn how to identify and appreciate that you are loved by those who seek to guide you, endorse you, and encourage you.

There are practices of spirit release and soul rescue for some of our ancestors who are unable to move on into the light and unhappily hinder and block their living descendants.  It is those that we need to heal and to embrace those who have evolved in spirit who come to support and guide us.  Learning to know the difference is what you will begin to understand and then what practices and healing meditations that can be conducted to support you and heal your ancestors.
Practices that you can conduct safely with your own ancestral guides and guardians those who guide and protect you as a healer and mediator of your family lineage.

June 20th at 10.30 – 1.30/2pm

The Summer Solstice Celebration and the ancient ancestors  Why this Life.

This class is conducted on the Summer Solstice, at this time we normally work on healing personal wounds from our ancestral lineage and the karmic issues that we still carry from our past lives that relate to this life.

We have both been born with a burning question in our souls, what is life all about?  Its meaning? Its purpose?  When religion did not show us the way, we sought to find out for ourselves only to discover that by diligence and hard work, as if peeling back the pages of a dog eared ancient manuscript to recall what happened on the first page.

At the beginning the story had not started only when we become aware of our journey, throughout time, ‘why this life?’  can you reveal the secrets that combine Why you? Why now? And Why this life?


Ancestral healing workshops include:

Discovering how to address your family heritage.
Discovering your ancestors both good and bad ancestors.
Learn how to heal what is negative and embrace what is positive about your family heritage.
What we can embrace in a positive way is to encourage creativity, courage, adaptability and willingness to grow and to change, open our hearts to give unconditional love, kindness, compassion and strength to your family and descendants.

All workshops are £50 per person, payable in advance.  
There is attached to the email a Zoom link to register your place.
All workshops will be recorded, and a PDF of the power point will be sent to you.
If you are unable to attend live we can forward you the workshop recording and information to conduct in your own time.

Paypal: via family and friends

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to conduct us and please confirm your attendance.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at the workshops. 
Best wishes Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan

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