sacredEverything in the universe is in motion; nothing is fixed, permanent, unchanging. This eternal pulse is in everything – sound, breath, light and vibration. To become aware of these cyclic rhythms to which our body, mind and spirit are subjected to is learning how to swim with the rhythm not against it.

The sun and the moon were regarded among ancient peoples as representative of the duality of the masculine and feminine principles inherent in nature, and of the active and pass conceptual and receptive forces that permeate it.

They used these forces to create a rhythm and cycle for spiritual life.

Timing is an important element in the practice of psychic awareness and connection with the sacred. So are some times better than others? There are many factors that influence psychic powers and spiritual connection.

The three most important ones are:

  • The different energy of the day and of the night
  • The times when day and night meet
  • The phases of the moon

In setting aside time to connect you will need to take care of your practical and immediate needs and obligations. It is important that you dedicate a specific time each day or each week to practise.

Morning Meditation:
It is important to start each day by connecting with a deeper aspect of yourself and the best way to do this is by having a morning ritual. This puts you in harmony with your surroundings and prepares you to face everyone you meet during your day with equanimity. Try if for a week and watch the difference in your confidence and energy levels.

To conduct the morning meditation ideally you should emerge from your night’s sleep to catch some of the inspiration from your dreams. You can do this by saying a morning prayer as you wake to thank your god, guides and angels.

Light a candle at your altar or sacred space, read a few lines from a spiritually or aesthetically inspiring book – choose an oracle or angel card to show you how your day will flow.

Sit or lie comfortably and begin by breathing deeply and focusing on your breath and begin to open yourself to the light of the day. Ask for guidance and protection.

Complete the meditation by calling your God, spirit or angels to bless and protect you in your day and wrap yourself in a protective cloak.