Online Workshop Classes

Due to the success of these sacred journey’s and by public demand, we have decided to extend this current programme for a series of another 4 classes.
The first of these classes will be a review so far of all the chakras,followed by an exploration of the accumulative psychic bodies which together combine the physical body with its driving force, the immortal spirit.
These integrated network of influences are connected to the chakra system and the subsequent healing of the immortal spirit and are conducive to maintaining a continued balance between the physical self, spiritual identity and the chakras.
The added classes will explore the importance of the astral, etheric, mental and causal bodies and their place in context to the soul’s journey.
Every Wednesday at 7pm on Zoom – register information will be sent please email us for further details.

10th June for the review of all the chakras
17th June is for the Spirit bodies 1
24th June is for the Spirit bodies 2
1st July is for the Spirit bodies 3

Each class is £10 which includes the live class, the recording and the power point information.
All payments via paypal.

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