Mind Body Spirit Festival 15 – 18 April, 2022, Olympia London

What is Ancestral Healing, why it Matters and why now?
An introductory workshop to learn more about how your family heritage affects your moods, health and well-being with Natalia O’Sullivan
18th April 12.30 -2 pm on the main stage.

Ancestral healing is an intention with purpose to release the shadows, wounds, and unresolved traumas from our ancestral lineage. The shadows of the powerful relationship we share with our ancestors can create subtle impacts on our psychological and emotional behaviours. A story will begin to emerge as you unravel and compare your own characteristics and ancestral conditions, the seemingly irrational fears, psychological, emotional, and physical difficulties and uncover their roots in your family heritage.

As we cannot control who bring us into this world, we cannot sway the fluency with which they raise us, or force the culture we have been born into, to become welcoming but we can transform the way we think about all these things.  We can choose to be determined and start the process of healing with an intention.  We create the actions needed to resolve any or all these issues with our family.

In acknowledging their existence, a continuum between the living and the dead can provide a link with the past that inspires and supports.  Ancestral healing practices should be made accessible for everyone from those with little or no personal experience to the more advanced practitioners.

Workshop programme

  • Discovering family stories – when you learn about your ancestors and their lives, how that can help you make sense of the impact of your family’s behaviours, conditioning and cultural context and how that affects your wellbeing
  • Our spiritual heritage which of our ancestors can support us and how to find out who they are? With ritual, honouring, meditations and intuitive practices
  • How to connect and communicate with your ancestors to receive guidance and support
  • What are the methods to heal the wounds and conditions that run through the family lineage?
  • Creating family altars, conducting rituals, meditation and ceremonies, pilgrimages and healing practices
  • How do you become and ancestral healer? Is it inherited or can you learn how to become one? What are the signs of being an ancestral healer for your family?

Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan are teachers of ancestral healing and soul rescue and here to guide everyone on this educational path where we can not only explore our ancestral heritage, but also heal from emotional and physical ailments passed through generations that have been holding us back.  By utilising practices, rituals, ceremonies, pilgrimages, and meditations they have used with their own clients and students.  Terry & Natalia offer people the chance to reconnect with their lineage and to plant themselves securely and harmoniously in today’s world.

www.soulrescuers.co.uk  / info@soulrescuers.co.uk