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Dear everyone,

Over the last few weeks we have tried to look only to the positives in what is happening around us. It’s not been easy as we have had to work through fear, loss, disbelief, frustration and hopelessness; before coming into a sense of total surrender, and then finally to feelings of new possibilities, new opportunities and hope; not just for us but for us as a planet.

Perhaps we are seeking a sort of modern day transformation of the human race, discovering something that we have lost and coming back to life. We are so lucky that nature is coming in to full bloom, into the birth of spring and is vibrant around us reminding us that we are coming to a greater spiritual awareness.
The natural world is breathing out and filling up the spaces where we no longer are. Perhaps nature is guiding our way forward to a new time of greater harmony with the natural world. Now that would be a true transformation.

One thing that is certain is that the world is on the point of radical change and after this virus-induced ‘pause’, when things start moving and opening up again – how will our lives be? There could be infinite possibilities radiating out in front of us, hopefully to a world more healed and more beautiful than we ever thought possible. We believe we have a choice where we go next, and this ‘pause’ could be a great opportunity for us to reset what’s important as individuals and collectively as humanity.

For us personally, it feels empowering to be take charge of how we truly feel and how we are looking at life, being forced to live in the present moment has been enlightening in many ways, unable to plan ahead. We then experienced two traumatic deaths this week one of our beloved neighbour who has lived next door to us for 25 years and in many ways her and her husband were our Somerset parents and rescued us so many times with building issues to releasing trapped birds to rescuing and protecting us and our children. Pat died at home from advance lung cancer and we were so privileged to have given her healing and support right up to the night before she passed away. Reminds us how fragile life is particularly at this time and how much spirit are aware when it is our time and there is so much presence during her death that we are truly never alone.

The second shock came Friday morning when we got a call from my sister in law that their grand daughter Mairle, who was only 14 months died that morning (cause of her death unknown at this time) and then we were pushed it to the darkness that death can bring. My nephew and his family are all being supported by all the grandparents and siblings and us from a distance as they are all in Worthing, and we are here.

The realisation that not only does the pandemic, gives us the time to reassess, prune back the dead wood and reset our compass so does these poignant tragedies.

We are currently still rewriting the ancestral healing book and it will bring a new light on how to complete that journey and indeed we haven’t forgotten our Soul Rescuers who we love and are keen to return to regular classes. We have some ideas that we wish to share online and trying to get the technical aspect sorted out and this brings waves of change with an excited heart.

As professional counsellors we are aware that the effects of the current disruption of normal life are affecting people in very individual ways. For some, they are feeling completely overwhelmed, others have never been busier; for others the isolation and anxiety are intolerable; for some it is an opportunity to reset their values and their lives. Many people are facing harsh financial challenges and a sense of loss for their life that existed until just a few weeks ago.

Terry and I have have always aimed to support the deeper emotional, mental and spiritual healing. For those of you who have been on our retreats, and for those who see us regularly in London and online and especially those of you who attend our Soul Rescuers classes you know well that our work and process brings the deeper parts of us to the surface (even if we try to resist!) where they can be soothed and healed.

Our current enforced ‘retreat’ from normal society, the absence of contact and touch from others, the lack of our usual worldly activities may be pushing uncomfortable feelings and thoughts to the surface which you may be finding hard to process on your own.

Terry and I are here to support you if we can and as you know that you can book online sessions with us and we will be working on setting up group session even sending out meditation journey’s which can be of great support at this time and for your growing processes that you are currently in.

We have set up a soul rescuers group on Facebook and we have noticed quite a number of people have joined and its a great platform to put your ideas and thoughts and classes up online.

We will be in touch tomorrow with options for class on Saturday and for extra meditation classes that we can let you join in once a week on a Wednesday.

If you have signed up for our May Retreat please let us know if you wish for us to do a online class on that Saturday so we can instruct you to do some meditations and rituals to support your healing that weekend.

And hopefully we will be able to get back to running the retreats asap and you can just join in as soon as we do.

Lots of Love
Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan

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