Our three-year course is set out to enable all levels of students to develop skills which can be utilised on a daily basis and to encourage a confidence in dealing with the spirit realms, coping with psychic and spiritual energy, developing a highly intuitive communication and being able to work with other people in a professional capacity for healing, counselling and space clearing.

Students who do not wish to qualify as professional soul rescuers will still benefit from this type of course, as it offers a substantial all round knowledge of the subject.

The course aims to enable students to develop skills that can be added to their professional practice. It is suitable for alternative practitioners, natural psychics, healers and therapists to recognise their gifts as practicing soul rescuers.

All students will be expected to treat this specialist subject with integrity and professionalism.

There are four levels of professional status that may be achieved during the soul rescuers foundation course: the student, the initiate, the adept and the master.

Each skill and experience of a soul rescuer is developed to determine their qualification, whether working with land and property or to enhance their professional healing and counselling skills.

Each student learns to recognise their limitations in investigating hauntings or encounters with spirits, as not all psychics can heal or rescue spirits, just as not all shamans and priests can reverse curses or release spirits.

‘This course as a whole provides you with the tools, the confidence, a supportive friendly environment within which to explore the self, use your powers and talents to bring about relief for souls and enables you to work at a higher vibrational level. The only thing that can hold back your growth is you.’ Β Carla, an advance soul rescuers student.Β