What can you achieve with the foundation course?

The Soul Rescuers foundation course can encourage a confidence and understanding with depth, knowledge and practical application on how to work with your innate soul rescuing skills; to heal, clear and release negative energy, trauma, inherited ancestral conditions, spirit attachments, alleviate physical and psychological influences from people, heal sick houses and release past trauma from property or land sites.

Subjects covered in the programme include:

• Introduction to space clearing, sacred rituals in the landscape to clear land and buildings of hauntings, and negative emotional memories

• How historical events and the burial of objects and bodies in the land can affect people’s health and well being

• Sick building syndrome and geopathic stress

• Working with pendulums and dowsing, discovering energy lines within the land and properties

• How to distinguish between atmospheres, spirits and historical memories

• How to communicate with and rescue earthbound spirits and other forms of spirit entities

• Psychic awareness and psychic practices

• Introduction to spiritual awareness and past life memories

• Basic tarot and oracle card reading

• Introduction to spiritual psychology and physical and spiritual anatomy

• Introduction to the chakra system and spiritual energy system

• General practice of sacred healing techniques

• Introduction to soul rescue work for healing, releasing energy, psychic disturbance and spiritual illnesses

• Ancestral healing and communication

• Crystal healing for healing, clearing and protection

• Basic space clearing techniques and introduction to spirit release work

• Land healing and soul rescue from sites, historical places, sacred places and houses

• Remote viewing and spirit release

• Sacred healing techniques:

• How to diagnose emotional and spiritual blocks using reflexology, acupressure points, dowsing, crystals and hands-on techniques.

• Reading the aura and chakra system

• Grounding techniques to assist bringing through healing power to release spirit attachments, ancestral influences, psychic and emotional blocks

• Discussions on how to diagnose a client’s physical, emotional and psychological conditions created by psychic attack, past trauma, spirit attachment and past life memories

• Working with crystals, stones, pendulums to diagnose and clear psychic energy in the chakra system, the aura and the physical body and subtle bodies

• Psychic protection practices for the home, at work and to maintain well-being within the mind, body and spirit

• Healing the family tree: including ancestors, ancestral influences, ritual and healing to help release family members who are dying to pass over to spirit safely.