An Advanced Soul Rescuers Course with Terry O’Sullivan

22nd February
28th March
25th April
22nd May

This is a unique course that offers to teach both professional healers and therapists who are interested in learning the more advanced aspects of Soul Rescue work.

  • How houses and land become haunted
  • How historical influences affect where we live and work
  • How we can heal the land
  • How to inspire our spiritual legacy and to be able to pass on our gifts to others
  • How we become teachers, healers and sacred land healers

The programme includes:

  • How historical events and the burial of objects and bodies in the land can affect people’s health and well-being.
  • How to understand sick building syndrome and geopathic stress.
  • How to work with pendulums and dowsing, discovering energy lines within the land and properties.
  • How to distinguish between atmospheres, spirits and historical memories.
  • How to communicate with and rescue earthbound spirits and other forms of spirit entities.
  • How to develop remote viewing and spirit release.

The classes are held only once a month on a Saturday, at alternate sites in London and sites in the country.   All subjects are explored rather than taught and are subject to ‘by invitation only.’ All students will naturally have attained a level integrating foundation and intermediate status. There are meetings every three months for discussions.

As a student you may feel a greater confidence in some disciplines, while others may be considered as challenging.   A basic understanding of psychic abilities will be extended and your intuitive nature will be stretched. Some subjects can be explored in classroom theory, to use in fieldwork which will then become most challenging.

When working on site often students find themselves engaged with forces by which they have never been tested before.

The first lessons will involve these subjects:

  • Historical and social history of places and their influences on the community and individual.
  • Site work and how to work individually and in teams followed by inspection, investigation and effective ghostbusting on site.
  • Inspecting phenomena and negative energy – learning how to disperse, creating clear and cleansed space.
  • Investigating elementals – what they are and how they affect us and our environment.

To qualify at an advance level the programme will be set in three parts:

Part One: Will be determined by your abilities to lead a group on site and instruct, as a group leader while other students perform under your guidance. Instructors will be expected to achieve an acceptable standard of soul rescue of earthbound spirits.

Part Two: Leading and guiding a team whilst instructing a group how to identify with and manage elemental influences and the commonwealth of spirits at all levels.

Part Three: Members will be setting up a support network among other advance soul rescuers and work with each other on projects and at sites that require group attention to achieve a positive outcome.