A soul rescuer is a person who is able to walk between the world of the physical and the dimensions of the spirit realms as a ‘walker between worlds’.”

(From Soul Rescuers, by Terry and Natalia O’sullivan)

Over the past 30 years Terry O’Sullivan and Natalia O’Sullivan have been honing their skills as psychic practitioners. Natalia’s unique brand of sacred healing, therapy, spiritual guidance, ancestral healing and bodywork and Terry’s vast wealth of experience in psychic phenomenon, spirit release, land healing and ghosts & hauntings are drawn together through the Soul Rescuers course.

The work of Soul Rescuers draws on ancient traditions and wisdom; ranging from Celtic Shamanism and Native Indian rituals to the meditative disciplines of Tibetan Buddhism and Eastern mysticism. Through these disciplines they harmonise and clear your environment, and inspire a more confident spiritual awareness and hopefully bring a new sense of balance to your life.

Many natural psychics and intuitive healers have had experiences since childhood and discovered an innate talent in communicating and perceiving non-physical reality that affects and influences the living.

We have set out to teach what we have learnt and experienced ourselves in our practice as healers and facilitators within our soul rescuers consultancy over the past 30 years, whilst working in USA, Jamaica, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Ireland and around the UK.