psychic-surveyorPSYCHIC POWERS are natural and intuitive – everyone can develop their psychic potential if they wish to. Developing this skill is not only a means of connecting with the spirit world; it helps us achieve greater awareness and control over our destiny.

Our own unique psychic potential utilises our ability to be able to receive, access and transmit vast quantities of information from our day to day life. We can learn to strengthen, access and make use of these abilities, whether it is for the simplest of tasks or a life-threatening situation – for instance, choosing, choosing a job or profession, trusting your judgement about a partner or deciding when to have children. The act of being able to see beyond most situations means you can avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time and avoid making wrong decisions. Psychic awareness is there to help guide and inform you of future problems and opportunities.


Clairvoyance isn’t limited to the more esoteric mental and emotional disciplines; it’s also firmly grounded in the physical world. To enhance your ESP skills we need to heighten your perception of the physical world as a prelude to exploring your psyche more deeply and discover a sense of connectedness extending beyond the physical senses. Thoughts are not limited to chemical processes in the brain but can travel outside of us and just like a radio receiver, a sensitive person can ‘tune in’ to these vibrations.

To heighten your ability to ‘see’ we will work through visualisation exercises to open the third eye and unlock your mental intuition. Learning to know what you ‘see’ through your inner eye has a grounded relation to what you sense through your physical eyes. And the psychic interpretation of what you know to be ‘real’ will be encouraged to become stronger, therefore the information that you receive will make more sense in your day to day life and you can use the information in a practical way and be one step ahead.


Our psychic awareness is located in the area of the third eye chakra, from where our higher sense functions and can scan the world around us. We relate to our own thoughts, our interpretations and inner conversations, continually assessing the information that feeds in through the senses. We relate to others by focusing attention on the face – the eyes, the subtle changes of expression, feeling that the ‘real’ personality is somewhere in there. This arises from the awareness that in the third eye we begin to make sense of and interpret the world. It is all about seeing, not just seeing with the eyes, but seeing with the mind – making sense of and understanding what is being perceived.


Visualisation is the ritual of focusing your concentration on an image of something you want to create, become or empower. To develop the extraordinary sense of the third eye you will need to learn how to focus your mind’s eye and discipline your imagination. With regular practice, this is not as hard as it appears.

Begin with a simple image of a flower or a photograph. The image has to be graphic, symbolic or a combination of both. You may want to first copy the image in your mind.
If you find that your imagination wants to develop that image, this is fine as it will help you understand your own imagination. The most powerful way to use visualisation is for acquiring or developing personal qualities such as confidence, warmness of heart as well as for talents or specific skills such an opening up to your psychic abilities. It can even be used for the most banal purposes like getting a parking space, or a taxi.

You can practice this technique with two or more people by visualising the same thing simultaneously; the energy for that thing to manifest will be exponentially multiplied.

There is not much difference between visualising and day dreaming. Both involve bringing an image to a place inside you where you can experience it as real. Visualisation differs from day – dreaming only in how you set it up, day dreaming is undisciplined ramble through the meadows of your imagination- visualisation is a focused foray.

Spend 5 minutes on a daily basis to strengthen your ability to visualise.

  1. Sit in a relaxed position either in a chair or lying on the floor.
  2. Begin with relaxation exercise; tell each part of your body to let go and relax.
  3. Prepare your mind by asking it to focus on three specific colours; one at a time. Once you have seen these colours begin the practice
  4. Imagine yourself walking through into your third eye. See the door of your mind which will be painted indigo blue, open the door and walk into the chamber of the third eye.
    Inside you will see a table, chair and in front of the table there is a cinema projection screen. On the table there is a gadget, which has 3 bright coloured buttons.
    Each button will bring on to the screen a different image.
  1. Before you began your practice you would have chosen a specific image that you wish to work with. Press the button for that image and see it project on to the screen.
  2. As you watch the projected image or series of images you begin to invest some power into the image by focusing on it with a portion of passion from your heart and emotion from your belly. Focus your intention on that image until it becomes alive.
  3. Once you have felt the sensation of your image being a real life event, smelled it, tasted it, heart it and touched it, let the image shrink to the size of an atom surrounded in subtle light.
  4. Say an affirmation such as beautiful thoughts create beauty, I choose to be always sustained by this image. Then let the image go, by pressing the gadget and closing down the projector.
  5. See yourself get up off the chair and walk back through the door of your third eye and into your body and back into your life.

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