We are all affected by the energy of our home, so it is important to make it as conducive as possible.  A home should be your haven, somewhere that protects you from the world and if you do not feel safe or comfortable in your home then it maybe the result of negative energy, a haunting or historical influences.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, referred to as chi by the Chinese.  This energy permeates our homes. affecting the atmosphere and those who live there. Your health, relationships and work can all be affected by the flow of energy through your home or by the build up of negative forces in certain areas particularly those coming from outside influences such as building works, road works, historical influences and geopathic stress.

House healing is a method of re-balancing the energy of your home.  Some people carry out a house healing when they first move into their new home before building works are carried out, and then afterwards. Sometimes it is recommended to space clear once a month and others it is once a year.

Common circumstances when it is advisable to heal your home:

  • When you move into a new home
  • When you have completed building works
  • When you have tenants moving in or out
  • When there has been break up of a relationship, death,  illness or change of circumstances
  • When there has been a break in to the property or any serious damage to the house or land
  • If you have moved into your home and experiencing unusual atmospheres, unusual smells, sounds, cold areas or feeling unseen prescences
  • If your health has deteriorated 
  • Having any problems with your sleep or having nightmares
  • Disturbed by ghosts or atmospheres
  • Your family relationships deteriorated since moving in
  • Your children having their sleep disturbed or nightmares
  • Recurring plumbing, electrical or computer problems

These are common symptoms of a home that needs to be healed and spaced cleared.

Terry and his team can diagnose the issues with a psychic surveyors report and to arrange a land and house healing for your home.  Soul Rescuers consultancy can visit any property or land throughout the UK, London, Europe, South Africa, USA, Canada and Australia.

Details of fees:
House Healing consultancy
Price: Hourly rate – £100
Day rate – £700
Private Healing sessions Price: 1 hour – £100
The Remote Viewing Service which includes a report and advisory statement costs £200
Skype sessions are available £100 for one hour and 15 minutes.
Psychic surveys with report – £300