It is always advisable before you move house to check out your proposed home in the local archives, to discover what the site was used for in the past. The most haunted places are often old hospitals, mental asylums, plague pits, burial sites, war torn places, even pubs, clubs and hotels that were frequented by the local population. Read more

If a house or property is haunted it can have a serious physical influence on the individuals that live there, particularly young children and sensitive people, creating both a positive and negative effect.

Some people really sense that their home is haunted and it can cause them quite a lot of distress, whilst other people are generally not sensitive to psychic atmospheres, or not consciously affected by them.

Usually the way to tell if your home has a ghost, even if you don’t actually see it, is to trust your feelings. If there is an area of your home that always feels cool or damp and there is no physical source of the coldness, this could be evidence of the presence of a ghost. If there is a place in your home where you feel uncomfortable, depressed or unhappy but only in that particular area, this can indicate that there is an earthbound spirit attached to that part of your home.

However, there is nothing to fear from ghosts, they cannot hurt you. Nevertheless, we believe that it is better to have a home with no unwanted guests and the happiest ghosts are those who have been given the opportunity to move on into the higher spiritual realms.

Often ghosts leave a cold and depressed atmosphere, but they are not always the cause of this condition. There are happy ghosts but even with one of these the atmosphere will seem dense and heavy.

A ghost will make a beeline to a sensitive person, attempting to absorb the magnetic energy of the body as well as the warmth of body heat. This is why people who have psychic encounters feel cold as if the hairs on the back of the neck stand up or feel a chill across their skin like of cold wind.

While some spirits invite contact, others don’t – they may move from place to place, hiding like a naughty child. These may prove the most difficult to remove, if they don’t want to leave the property.

In some cases ghosts just want to make contact with the living, just to get noticed, while others can be hostile but not necessarily dangerous. It is worthwhile knowing whether it is possible to assist a friendly ghost to help them move on into the light or higher spiritual realms.

Whether departed for a few weeks or many years, ghosts can cause huge problems for the living.

Symptoms of a haunting:

• Unusual or unpleasant smells of mould and decay

• Cold patches

• An animal or child is uneasy in a particular room

• Insomnia or disturbed sleep

• Light bulbs blow frequently

• Electrical apparatus malfunctions

• Leaks or floods

It is always advisable to anyone who is encountering a haunting to know whether it is possible to release the spirit by just prayers and healing, clearing the space or whether it is time to call in the experts.