For over thirty years our team of practitioners, led by the founder, Terry O’Sullivan, offer a bespoke tailored service for house and land healing.

We give our clients a confidence and understanding of their spiritual and psychic problems with depth, knowledge and practical application on how to heal, clear and release negative energy, trauma, spirit attachments, alleviate physical and psychological illness form people, heal sick houses and release past trauma from property and landscape.

General services offered are:

  • Space clearing and protection
  • Investigate offices and business premises, particularly if there have been negative behaviour patterns from staff on both everyday procedures and staff disputes.
  • Basic space clearing techniques and introduction to spirit release work.
  • Land healing and soul rescue from sites, historical places, sacred places and houses.
  • Ancestral healing for individuals, families and homes

Our Home, Our Well Being

How well do we really know our home?

Where we live and where we work has a direct connection to the quality of our health and well-being. Our home should be a place where we relax, eat, sleep and socialise.

Whilst we employ surveyors to check the physical condition of a property before we buy it, we rarely check out the emotional and psychic atmosphere of our home as well; although it would appear practical and just as important to do so.

Some homes have been built on negative ley lines, or affected by geopapthic stress and sick building syndrome. Some are haunted by ghosts and the sad memories of those that lived and died in that place many years before. All of this can affect our heath, well-being and psychological state.

We recommend that you have a psychic survey of your property before moving in.

If you have lived in your home for a while and suddenly or over time, noticed that you are still not comfortable with the atmosphere, there may be problems such as the history and surrounding areas maybe affecting your home or place of work.  

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