bodyshopbookThe Body Shop Book of Wellbeing

It is said that beauty is not only skin-deep, and that to feel really good one needs to nurture mind and soul, as well as body.
Divided into three main sections, this book offers information and exercises, which combine to provide a practical guide
to achieving well-being. “Well-being and the mind” considers issues such as stress and self-awareness, and looks at the various
therapies available – from hypnotherapy to meditation – detailing expected results. Practical do’s and don’ts are included.

“Body” takes an in-depth look at physical care, from skin and hair to healing foods, energy enhancers and exercise.
Practical step-by-step instructions are given for a range of body therapies, from aromatherapy to t’ai chi and yoga. “Soul” focuses
on the inner self and how one can free the spirit through making connections with the natural world, as well as specific spiritual
practices such as creating a sacred space for oneself.


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