Soul Rescuers

What happens to us when we die?
What is the soul and how does it survive death?

How does a spirit become trapped?
Why do ghosts haunt the living?
Can our ancestors heal or harm us?
How can we help the wandering souls of the dead?

Everyone loves a good ghost story and ‘soul rescuers‘ Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan have some extraordinary tales to tell.  

They take us on a fascinating journey to meet the ancestors, spirit guides, ghosts and poltergeists who wander the unseen realms. Weaving legend and folklore with contemporary accounts, Terry and Natalia offer us a glimpse of the mystery that is life beyond death.

‘Terry has rescued hundreds of trapped souls in a 27 year ghost-hunting career.’  Daily Mail.

‘Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan are pioneers in what is a relatively new development in therapy.  As we enter the 21st century, ancestral healing is increasingly recognised as being a profoundly effective way of healing our invisible connections.’ Woman’s Journal Magazine.

Soul Rescuers is a 21st century guide to the spirit world
by Terry O’Sullivan and Natalia O’Sullivan

Available in Paper back and Kindle Edition.

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