Cancellation of the Beltane Retreat in May

We are confirming the cancellation of the Beltane Retreat in May, as we waited to for the government to advise us and it is not safe for us to return to work or to be setting up any group gatherings.

We are looking at September as a possible retreat to move the Beltane theme of healing the heart into as the Autumn Equinox retreat is about letting go and healing the past.


Beltane Festival – Somerset
Friday – Sunday 1st– 3rd May 2020

The celebration of Beltane takes place in May, which is a beautiful month and highlights all the expressions of late spring. A perfect time for exploring our desires both intimate and creative and our spiritual ambitions.
This retreat heals the broken heart, the pain and suffering from the past that hinders our way forward in love and life.

This particular retreat will give you the space to create a personal ritual or rite of passage to celebrate the mystery and power of your hidden ambitions and desires.
The Beltane Festival at Sacred Healers begins with a celebration of healing and ritual, vision quest and self- discovery in the tranquil surroundings of Somerset.

Fee: £280.