Ancestral Healing Class in London for Soul Rescuers 23rd October

10.30 – 6 pm
Fee £80 per person

Exploring our relationship with our ancestors gives us purpose in our own life. In taking this idea of influential ancestors a stage further, we will explore the themes and vibrations frequencies that affect us from the distant past, from the times when being a part of a community was for the benefit of all, each who played their part to advantage the whole.

Discover aspects of ourselves, our personality and talents that connect the ancestors to our more immediate memories or subtly influenced our deeds and actions unbeknown to us. To open the gateway to connect with our wiser ancestors, we may discover that a missing part of our own enigma remains locked away forgotten and overshadowed by time. In this workshop, we may discover that we have more in common with our wiser ancestors, their ideas, beliefs, customs and traditions, which we can bring forward into our time and pass on as a legacy to our own descendants.

The main focus of this workshop is to discover our talents, creativity, and how to bring into perspective gratitude regarding what we have inherited from our families.

Terry and Natalia will take you on a journey where you will meet your ancestors once more and find your way through the labyrinth of your own ancestral legacy. This is a journey into the future as well as the distant past, for as you explore your family tree, you begin to see yourself as just one strand in a never-ending tapestry of history and emotion, personality and achievement, tragedy and death, that will continue through your family into infinity.

Discovering the influences of our genetic memories, and exploring how these cultural, religious and historical backgrounds affect our personality. By exploring our family history, we can help understand and heal our own personal restrictions and behaviours connected with the negative influences and traumas passed down through our family. All of which can affect our relationships, physical and mental health, financial circumstances and even spiritual growth.

The workshop will commence with simple meditations and an introduction to our personal family tree. We will discover our personal biography – looking at our family tree and where within our family history there have been both benevolent and malevolent influences, and why.

Terry & Natalia’s workshops are designed to introduce people to the concept of communicating and connection with our ancestors, and to give ourselves back the power to influence our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

The Workshop Programme will include –

  • Discovering your ancestors
  • Learning about the disorders that run through your family tree
  • Healing and rituals to release ancestral shadows
  • Visualisation techniques and exercises to embrace the positive and creative aspects of our family

6th November online class with Soul Rescuers

Ancestral Healing – how we can all heal our family’s past.

10.00-2 pm

fee £50 per person

By discovering our family history as well as our DNA, ethnicity, and culture, we recognise the wonderful and the terrible about our family. This knowledge can help us to know more about who we are and offers powerful tools to heal the effects of genetic memories on our well-being. We can begin to understand our personal restrictions, behaviours and intrinsic beliefs about the world around us. Most importantly we can learn why and how negative influences and traumas passed down through our family can affect relationships, physical and mental health, financial circumstances, creativity, intimacy, fertility and spiritual connections.

By learning about family heritage, we can start to understand how we are affected by our family and find ways to heal their influences. There are practices, rituals, exercises and meditations that can be applied to work with your inheritance and to embrace what is positive and heal what is negative. They also enable us to discover the power to decide whether to continue with those patterns and in effect pass them onto the next generation or make a break with the past.

Methods for ancestral healing and manage how our ancestors affect us.

  • Understanding the importance of Ancestral healing
  • What is ancestral heritage?
  • Uncovering the positive aspects of your heritage.
  • The awareness of the negative aspects of your heritage.
  • Recognise symptoms – the difference between you and them?
  • The awareness of the ancestors who are causing ill health and negative influences on the living family members.
  • Encourage the relationship with living family members to be less conflicted.
  • Ancestral guardians – who are they and how they can help guide and protect.