How many of you are psychic but don’t know it?

You may think it’s implausible that you are, yet I expect you have often sensed something is going to happen and it does!

Do you see things in dreams which seem real and then they come true?

Do you think of someone close to you and then they call you?

Are you sensitive to people’s moods and emotions? We may pass them off as hunches but in truth they are the result of different types of psychic powers.

Being psychic is more common than you think.  We are often being psychic without realising it. Our unique psychic potential utilises our ability to be able to receive, and access vast quantities of information from our day to day life. As this gift is more usual than you might think, we can separate being psychic simply into two strains: Those who know they are psychic even if they deny it, or those who seem to know things but when friends ask, “How did you know such and such?” They don’t know why.

With a little confidence and self-belief and a few simple practices you will realise that you can.

A natural psychic is born with an awareness that makes them unique, this is because they just know things from a very young age, things that they think are common knowledge and that everyone else knows. Sometimes the gift goes away to become buried under the burden of growing up, learning how to fit in with other boys and girls so it all balances out and everyone slots in together. That is, until puberty raises the stakes, boy meets girl, friendships become dictated by looking out for a mate of suitable gender.

At this intense time a psychic is often oversensitive and can be regarded as rather odd by friends and even by family. The psychic can once more feel like an outsider, especially when you know your best friend always chooses unwisely, you’ve known it for years but she won’t listen to your advice, it’s far too alarming or threatening to hear, so she won’t believe you, ever.

In bygone days a psychic was seen at travelling fairs or on the promenade at popular seaside resorts, usually claiming gipsy inheritance, gazing into a crystal ball and shuffling tarot cards illuminating the idea that the client will be successful, perhaps meet the tall dark stranger and live happily ever after.

My grandmother was a psychic intuitive, who was known locally as a fortune teller. She made predictions from reading tea leaves or analysing shapes in the froth surrounding the half-empty beer glass. She could tune into many unseen frequencies, memories from the past, current problems or future events. She had practised enough to follow her instincts and give an opinion based on what some might call a lucky guess. But anyone who has honed this gift, to use it to benefit others, has a natural instinct to get things right, this is called ‘knowing’.

If you have someone in your family who is regarded to have the gift, over sensitive, intuitive, they could be psychic. Perhaps it is you, whether you know it or not.

The following list gives some detail in separating psychic category types:

Telepathy is an ability to tune into the thoughts of others and pick up their signal in pictures. This is natural in twins who have the same thoughts together, theirs is a telepathic link.

Precognition enables you to glance into the future, perhaps to predict lottery numbers or the winner of the Grand National.

Divination is predicting the future by use of a crystal ball (scrying), tarot cards, tea leaves, Chinese I-Ching, runes, sand-reading, graphology and so on.

Psychometry is seeing by feeling, it is about reading the energy or vibration of objects such as looking at a photograph or personal object without knowing who they belong to and being able to read the character and historical information from touching and feeling that object. Dreaming symbols and images in dreams can often be interpreted as a prophecy such as the birth of a child or imminent death is often seen in a dream. Spirits a psychic may sense or even see beings that once lived in a human body but are now an ethereal substance in the shape of their former self.

Clairsentience is a psychic gift when you sense, or smell or an aroma such as flowers, coffee or cigar smoke which can be detected when there is a spiritual presence. Clairvoyance a psychic skill when you have a strong sense of inner vision and are able to receive information in the form of visual images, or symbols as well as being able to detect a spiritual presence either by seeing the shape as a physical form or to sense a presence in the mind’s eye (third eye) just like a picture.

Clairaudience is a facility to hear voices or sounds which are in the spirit world.

Now that you have been given some guide lines about your psychic potential, that you might be psychic and how you can recognise it, this is the time to put yourself to the test at ‘a girls’ night in’.

The Beginner’s Test, and also a bit of fun.

Each person at your party secretly puts an item into a hat so nobody knows who has put in which item. It may be a photo, wedding ring, medal, purse or any personal item that has a strong link to its owner. Then you take it in turns to choose an item and one by one, tune into the item and try to sense whom it belongs to and ‘read’ anything you can about it.

One person at a time will talk about what they feel or sense about the object.

It may be a photo of a baby who is now grown up, a wedding ring may indicate a happy marriage, or some past difficulties, and a medal belongs to someone who earned it – when and where?

A purse may have been given as a gift or bought in Morocco? If you can be light hearted in your approach to experimenting with your potential psychic gifts, treating it as fun, some of you will get things totally wrong, whilst others might surprise you.

These are the psychics, whether they know it or not, now is their time to excel, prove capable and have pride in their own sensitive intuition. Best of luck!

Do it Yourself Psychic Power by Natalia O’Sullivan published by Element Books a trademark of Harper Collins Publishers Ltd.