4th September Soul Rescuers Class in London

10-10.30am to 5.30-6 pm at Jenner Hall Barnes.

The fee is £80 per person.

The programme will be based on the study of body consciousness and psychic development with a comprehensive approach to mediumship and the understanding of what it is to be aware of your sensitivity that comes from an emotional and body intuitive level and how we communicate with the spiritual world.

The day will begin with a chakra meditation and then an hour-long workshop with Anna on chakra dancing and this enables the energy within the body, aura, emotions and mind to be uplifted. We will be focusing on how you connect and tune into the spiritual support that you have around you and the level of self-awareness and body and mind consciousness.

11th September Soul Rescuers Class online

10.30-2.30 pm online

Fee is £50 per person

Sacred healing and working with higher vibrational energies to heal past wounds and to address the empowerment of Spiritual Selves to go forward in our life – work and relationships – the practice of spirit communication, energy work and soul rescue release.

With this class, you will be sent the PowerPoint in advance and need to have your oracle cards and notepad to conduct the class plus space for meditation – you will be sent the recording after the class so you can work on what has been taught during the workshop.

It is recommended that if you can do both live and online classes each month – but if you can only do one that is sufficient for your development. The reinforcement of a second class even the meditation classes help with strengthening and understanding your spiritual development.