A monthly class to reflect on our aspirations and to heal personal, emotional and spiritual issues.
The Classes will offer opportunities to learn about:

  • Daily practices to help connect you to your spiritual powers that will open your mind and body to positive energies and attitudes
  • How we can connect with our guiding ancestors and guides, to help us gain success, personal happiness and support
  • Meditations to develop our sense of well-being, mindfulness and compassion
  • Trusting and listening to your intuition to help understand any personal or relationship issues that need resolving
  • How to work with various tools such as angel cards, goddess cards, oracle cards and tarot
  • Working with ancestral energy to heal ancestral wounds and empower ourselves in the present
  • Healing practices to help us release past emotional and mental challenges that need to be grieved


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2018 Dates: Friday 7.00 to 9.30 pm
26th January
23rd February
16th March
20th April
18th May
15th June



Held in Combwich, Somerset.
Fee:  £10 per person per class. payable by Cash or Cheque.
To book your place, please contact Natalia: Tel: 01278 653142.  
Mob: 07816158255


2019 – Classes to be resumed in the Summer.


  • Psychic awareness and psychic practices
  • Sacred practices and meditation
  • Introduction to spiritual awareness and past life memories
  • Basic tarot and oracle card reading
  • Introduction to spiritual psychology and physical and spiritual anatomy
  • Introduction to the chakra system and spiritual energy system
  • Introduction to soul rescue work for healing, releasing energy, psychic disturbance and spiritual illnesses
  • Ancestral healing and communication
  • Crystal healing for healing, clearing and protection
  • Basic space clearing techniques and introduction to spirit release work


2019 – Workshop dates to be resumed from the Autumn.

Wednesday Classes – £30 per person Cash or cheque only
Saturday Classes – £75 per person Cash or cheque only

Venue:  Jenner Hall, 18 Jenner Place
(off Boileau Road),  Barnes,  SW13 9DB