Ever thought of having a Psychic Survey?

Sometimes a house really looks good on the estate agent’s promotional literature. Even as you drive up to the house or flat it can appear really appealing; but looks can be deceptive. Properties and work places are affected by atmosphere, the brick, mortar and wood can all hold memories. As they say ‘walls have ears’.

Unfortunately, in some cases our home can cause serious and debilitating physical and psychological illnesses due to these negative influences. We can be affected by memories of what has happened in the home.

The earth is magnetic and can absorb historical events; all rock, stones earth, water, onto which the building has been built can hold memories. This combination of contemporary atmosphere and historical memories can cause negative (or positive) atmospheres.

Try testing this theory on your own property:

• Have you ever wondered why you felt uneasy when you walked into a particular room in your home and asked why?
• Are you constantly stressed since living in your property?
• Do you find it hard to relax in your own home?
• Do you sleep badly or wake up exhausted?
• Do you or your family often become ill from general conditions such as colds, flu’s, stomach bugs, headaches and fatigue?
• All these are strong indicators that your home could be affected by sick building syndrome or geopathic stress even environmental pollution.

Soul Rescuers Consultancy can offer advice, support and an investigation report to protect and clear your home of these influences.

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