Winter Solstice 14-16th December 2018

There is a special silence in winter. It echoes the season of peace and tranquillity. This retreat will offer you a time for peace and reflection. An ideal retreat if you want to relax, learn and embrace new inspiration before the end of the yea

Terry O’Sullivan

The Importance of Ancestral Healing. How can we be so affected by former generations? Notably these influences can multiply in a progressive intrusion either as a cure, an infliction or antidote to how we currently feel in our skin. Our ancestors live in our bones, thrive in our flesh, bleed in our hearts. Because of them and the sum of all …

Terry’s O’Sullivan For over 30 years Terry has been widely acclaimed for the pioneering work in house and land healing. His professional practice as a Soul Rescuer has made him an internationally known healer and spiritual therapist. He has worked in the field of psychic phenomena, spirit release, ancestral healing and ghosts and hauntings. During that time he has learned to …

Natalia’s Showreels

Death and Life After Death and The Ancestral Legacy. Natalia O’Sullivan talks, why ‘who we are’ is intrinsically linked to our family history.