Autumn Equinox Retreat, Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2018

September is a beautiful month and highlights all the expressions of the beginning of autumn, an ideal time for exploring our heart desires, spiritual and creative ambitions and a gentle time for letting go. This retreat will give you time to create a personal ritual or rite of passage to celebrate the mystery and power of your hidden ambitions and desires. A time to let go as the season celebrates the autumn.
The Autumn Equinox Retreat begins with a celebration of healing and ritual, vision quest and self- discovery without forgetting to take the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of Somerset.
The Retreats
Each retreat is kept small, to ensure a powerful, personal experience, this compelling work will provide many opportunities for personal healing and embark on vision questing and work with rituals. It will introduce sacredness as a way to rediscover a link between body and soul to gain a deeper understanding of a spiritual journey and destiny in this life.
Sacred Healers Retreats are there to introduce people to Shamanic Healing to encourage a harmony between mind, body and spirit. These unique and sacred retreats help release many of the stresses that build up due to our lifestyle, and professional demands which can cause imbalances in physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing which in turn creates problems in daily life.
During the retreats we encourage a connection with nature and an understanding of intuitive skills which help in personal and professional lifestyles.
The weekend will include discussion groups, meditations, healing, relaxation and a journey to an ancient site.