Autumn Equinox
21st -23rd September 2018

September is a beautiful month and highlights all the expressions of the beginning of autumn, an ideal time for exploring our heart desires, spiritual and creative ambitions and a gentle time for letting go. This retreat will give you time to create a personal ritual or rite of passage to celebrate the mystery and power of your hidden ambitions and desires. A time to let go as the season celebrates the autumn.

 autumn equinox

This is the time fruit has been gathered, crops harvested and the earth although flush still with growth, everything has started to slow down, the sun is weak, the winds gather, storm clouds linger, the coming of the dark announces summer is over, winter is a heartbeat away. At this time of year it is good to reflect on our harvest, what we have gathered, the crops, experience in the field of expectation, growth on our tree of life.

Stop – think- feel- listen to your heart beat. Did you stop? Did you? Are you still running around still carrying the fruit of the summer past, what is this fruit but weight upon each branch straining your back, stretching your vision, forging a weight so heavy, you have not noticed – no! Stop – think- feel, listen to your heart beat.

Lie down and feel the weight over your shoulder, what is the grade of fruit you carry, is it a good yield – worthwhile harvest or, was it blighted by circumstances?

Stop – think- feel – listen to your heart beat.

In this time of natural transition let go of your burden, liberate your life – let go, really listen to your heart beat. Listen to your heart beat and go inside yourself – communicate with your inner child and ask her/him, what is your greatest pain? There are energies from the past that are angry, sad, fearful, or mistrustful. You are experiencing the surfacing of these other parts of yourselves, as they come up for love and healing.

If you are fearful, take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask the Divine Spirit and the angels for assistance. Ask inside of yourself, “Who inside of me is fearful.” Allow an image or a feeling to come up. Talk to that part of your spirit – the one that is lost in fear. Imagine giving it a hug, reassurance, and comfort, and sending it into the light where it will be eternally safe and cared for.

If you are angry, again take a breath, close your eyes and ask us for assistance. Ask inside of yourself “Who inside of me is angry?” Allow an image or a feeling to come up. Talk to that part of your spirit. Let it know that you understand its anger and yet you are in charge now and you want to create a better life. Negotiate and tell this part of yourself it must go into the light now or leave you alone.

If you can’t quite find faith in Divine love again go inside and ask, “Who inside of me does not believe in Divine love?” Dialog with this part, comfort it, and ask it to go into the light.

As you begin to release the energy of your personal pain the next step is to explore the list that you made of the hurt and anger inside you and what and who you wish you want to release from your past.

The Autumn Equinox Retreat begins with a celebration of healing and ritual, vision quest and self- discovery without forgetting to take the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of Somerset.