Natalia O’Sullivan

Natalia combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom. Her down-to-earth approach to personal development is expressed in her books, workshops and lectures. She has practiced as a healer, psychic and counselor for over 25 years. She runs a busy private practice in London, Somerset, Ireland, Spain and in the USA. Natalia has studied psychology and mastered various holistic arts. She draws on ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach with her husband, Terry, she is the co- founder of the Sacred Healer Retreats and The Soul Rescuers Foundation Course.

A professional certification training programme, which draws on ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach. Trained Soul Rescue practitioners specialise in sacred and ancestral healing, spirit release and land healing.

Author Of:

• Do It Yourself Psychic Power
• Mind Power
• Co-author of Soul Rescuers
• Co-author of The Ancestral Continuum
• Co-author of The Body Shop Book of Wellbeing


Natalia offers hour-long healing and massage sessions using various holistic methods to assist the body, mind and spirit to release past negative emotions, physical and psychological conditions, ancestral issues, trauma, bereavement, grief, separation and stress.

The session incorporates reflexology to read into the mind, body and spirit to utilize a powerful self- healing process and gently massaging acupressure points with natural and organic aromatherapy oils.


This is a psychological based therapy with a touch of psychic inspiration to assist you to find solutions to general life dilemmas. Natalia combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom. She has studied psychology and mastered various holistic arts. She draws on ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach.

Natalia’s popular life reading sessions incorporate clairvoyance with oracle cards to help you discover your future, how to deal with your current life, find solutions to day to day problems, relationship and family issues and for spiritual awareness and healing.

In her work as an ancestral healer deceased family and friends will communicate to give messages to help with professional choices, relationships, family issues, general health problems, bereavement and psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety.

£220 – 2 hours
£160 – 1.5 hours
£110 – 1 hour

To book your sessions please email:

Call: 01278 653142