A soul rescuer is known as a psychic, healer, shaman, priest, mystic, visionary, pagan, Spiritualist, channel and exorcist. This is a person who is able to walk between the world of the physical and the dimensions of the spirit. As a ‘walker between worlds’ they must be initiated into the techniques and rituals used in the physical world to rescue trapped spirits, heal the sick and mend the wounds of the soul.

This gift may require a person to help the dying, to bury the dead and pray for the release of the soul into the otherworld. Some soul rescuers rescue the spirits of the dead who are wandering ghosts or earthbound entities; these are not usually evil, but trapped or lost.

Soul Rescuers communicate with the spirits and understand the rules of co-existence with the otherworld. They have learnt to walk the dangerous path of death and rebirth, surviving initiations involving all kinds of natural and supernatural phenomena while remaining faithful to their beliefs.

Sessions are available in London, Somerset, Cardiff, Sussex and on Skype.

For sessions in London;
Availability in North and West London including weekends and evenings:

Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB
T 020 7624 6101

Email: welcome@violethillstudios.com
Website: www.violethillstudios.com

To book your appointment in Somerset
please call 01278 653142 or email natalia.osullivan@btopenworld.com

Clinics are available in Cardiff and Sussex by arrangement.

Skype sessions are available £100 for one hour and 15 minutes.

Terry and Natalia are based in Somerset, Close to Bridgwater
Weekend availability.


Terry O’Sullivan

For more than 30 years Terry has been widely sought after for his pioneering work in healing land, houses and properties throughout the world. He uses ancient techniques with tried and tested contemporary methods of healing, dowsing and energy balancing to clear powerful negative energies and hauntings.  Although Terry’s work is generally clearing and healing properties, he has a large healing practice in London and is often invited to work with clients and their families to help heal ancestral and family influences that are causing physical, emotional and psychological problems.
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Natalia O’Sullivan

Natalia combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom. Her down-to-earth approach to personal development is expressed in her books, workshops and lectures. She has practiced as a healer, psychic and counselor for over 25 years. She runs a busy private practice in London, Somerset, Ireland, Spain and in the USA. Natalia has studied psychology and mastered various holistic arts. She draws on ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach with her husband, Terry, she is the co- founder of the Sacred Healer Retreats and The Soul Rescuers Foundation Course.
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